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Fostering Adaptive Expertise in Pre-service Teacher Education

Speaker: Professor Sarah Gravett
Professor of Teacher Education and Development, Faculty of Education, University of Johannesburg

In this lecture, Professor Gravett will discuss research from the University of Johannesburg on advancing adaptive expertise in pre-service teacher education. While it is critical for pre-service teachers to develop routine expertise for implementing teaching practices and routines effectively, fostering adaptive expertise is an equally important "gold standard" to strive for, particularly in our rapidly evolving world (Hammerness et al., 2005, p. 360). However, finding effective methods to achieve this has been challenging. By applying learning and development science, and harnessing the potential of mixed reality simulation, promising solutions have emerged. These have allowed us to deeply investigate areas like lesson design and the generation of practice learning opportunities that emphasize deliberate practice for pre-service teachers.

Lecture 1: About the speaker
About the speaker
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Professor Sarah Gravett

Sarah Gravett holds the position of Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and also serves as a Professor of Teacher Education and Development. Previously, she served as the Dean of the Faculty of Education at UJ for a fifteen-year period, concluding in December 2021. Throughout her academic career, Sarah's research has encompassed various areas, including dialogic teaching, the design of learning environments within higher and adult education, and teacher education. Currently, her primary focus lies in projects centred around the evolving educational landscape in a rapidly changing world, with a particular emphasis on teacher education and development. In this capacity, she takes the lead and actively participates in projects investigating aspects such as teacher education models, the integration of the science of learning into teacher education, creative coding and educational robotics for teachers, the pedagogy of making, and the use of mixed-reality simulations in teacher education. She is recognized in her field as a South African National Research Foundation rated researcher. Additionally, she holds membership in the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf).

Discussion Panel

Professor Yan Zi, Professor, EdUHK
Professor Kevin Chung, Chair Professor, EdUHK
Dr Yvonne Huang, Associate Professor, EdUHK
Dr Tsang Kwok Kuen, Assistant Professor, EdUHK

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