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Rethinking the Decolonization of Education:
Implications for Pedagogical Citizenship

Speaker: Professor Yusef Waghid

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Education, Department of Education Policy Studies, Stellenbosch University

Attempts at decolonization in higher education mostly involve a struggle for inclusion, recognition of diversity, and equal/equitable human relations. Yet, such efforts seem to be constrained due to an inadequate understanding of the concept. In this presentation, Professor Waghid argues that decolonization of higher education ought to be intertwined with a democratization of education in order to cultivate more plausible pedagogical encounters among university teachers and students. Professor Waghid will show how the decolonization of pedagogy can be reconstituted by the notion of democratic engagement; why decolonized pedagogical encounters imply disruptive action; and thirdly, why decolonized actions are critical to achieve social justice. 

Lecture 1: About the speaker
About the Speaker
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Professor Yusef Waghid

Professor Yusef Waghid reads philosophy of education at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.  As an African philosopher of education intent on advancing democratic citizenship education, cosmopolitan education, and global citizenship education in the context of equitable redress and change, equality, non-discrimination, non-sexism, and justice for all, Professor Waghid draws on multiple traditions of thought, most notably combining dominant aspects of Western and non-Western theories of knowledge to rethink philosophy of education in Africa. Most recent scholarly contributions include, Towards an Ubuntu University: African Higher Education Reimagined (with Joseph Hungwe, Lester B Shawa, Judith Terblanche, Thokozani Mathebula, Zayd Waghid & Faiq Waghid, Foreword by Carlos Alberto Torres, Palgrave-MacMillan, 2023) and Education, Crisis, and Philosophy: Ubuntu within Higher Education (Routledge, 2022).

Discussion Panel

Professor Liz Jackson, Professor, EdUHK 

Professor Lui Tai-lok, JP, Chair Professor, EdUHK
Dr Gizem Arat, Doctor of Social Work and Social Administration

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