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We invite you to join FEHD for a series of ground-breaking lectures from world's most distinguished academics. 

The Distinguished Visiting Professors Online Series will be launched in April 2021. 


The series is designed to encourage continuous learning for educators, researchers, teachers and students. 


The series, made up of four lectures, will cover education in the post-COVID world, educational policy and teaching practice, science of learning and development, as well as shared education. 


A panel of EdUHK researchers and Hong Kong school principals will also discuss how the issues relate to Hong Kong. 


To watch the lectures, simply click "Watch Now" below.

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Education Post-COVID: Changes We Need

Speaker: Professor Yong Zhao

University of Melbourne/ Kansas

Students are rarely involved in making significant changes to their learning. Education reforms typically focus on curriculum, teachers, teaching, and assessment; but seldom focus on helping students to become owners of their learning and learning environments. 
In this presentation, Professor Yong Zhao argues that the COVID crisis has created an opportunity to make big changes in education. Professor Zhao suggests that it is now necessary to involve students as change partners and owners of their learning.


Educational Policy and Teaching Practice:  Engaging the Challenge of Educational System Building

Speaker: Professor James Spillane

Northwestern University

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Professor James Spillane looks at the relations between policy and teaching practice. Specifically, he examines the conditions that contribute to the successful implementation of policy, and how these enable teachers to transform their teaching practice and improve student opportunities to learn and develop. 
Mapping backwards from the classroom to the school, and beyond to the community and educational sector, he identifies the necessary conditions to support teaching and its improvement at each level.  
Professor Spillane argues that the marshaling and mobilizing of resources necessary to implement policy and enable improvement in teaching must be understood systemically - a systemwide challenge. This will involve designing educational infrastructures that support teaching practices and related practices that will improve it.



The Science of Learning and Development and Educator Preparation

Speaker: Professor Linda Darling-Hammond

Stanford University

This presentation will describe recent breakthroughs in knowledge about learning and development and the implications for school designs and teaching practice, as well as for educator preparation and development.


Promoting social cohesion through shared education in a post-conflict society: A case study from Northern Ireland

Speaker: Professor Joanne Hughes

Queen’s University Belfast

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Shared education originated in Northern Ireland.  It is a contact-based model that promotes curriculum-based learning between pupils and teachers from separate schools within an education system that is divided on ethno/religious lines. 
This presentation considers how shared education reflects distributive, ideational and relational dimensions of social cohesion, and the processes through which its implementation may contribute to a more socially cohesive society.
The analysis will make use of research evidence on shared education that has accumulated since its first pilots were introduced in 2007.  Based on Professor Hughes' experience of aiding and assisting in the development of similar models in other international contexts, she will also look at how the shared education model has impacted other societies emerging from conflict.